7808 41st Ave E Bradenton, FL 34211
7808 41st Ave E Bradenton, FL 34211
Pompeyo Family Dogs - America's Got Talent

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Established in 2009

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The Pompeyo Family consists of Jorge, Natalya, their daughter Katerina, their son Nicholas and their dogs.

Semifinalist of America's Got Talent

Rescuing, training and performing for over 10 years!

Jorge, Natalya, their daughters Katerina, and Isabella, and their dogs have been performing together for over ten years throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean with constant success. In the U.S., they have been featured in such venues as Circus Sarasota, Lone Star Circus, Circus Vazquez, Strawberry festival in Plant City, Martin County Fair, among many others.

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We have to thank the circus...

Jorge and Natalya met in 2003 in the United States, where they both performed with an American Circus: Jorge worked on the high wire and as a daredevil, and Natalya was an aerial gymnast and an acrobat. They fell in love.

Yet all was not immediately in the pink: while Natalya was pregnant with their first child, Katerina, Jorge was performing in an act named “Globe of Death”. During his performance he was involved in an accident, thankfully he was not injured, but it did make him think twice about his future and his family. After this unfortunate incident, both Jorge and Natalya decided it was time to look for a different type of performance. The both had an immense love for dogs and realized that a dog performance would be their solution. They began to comb the shelters for spirited dogs in need of a home, dogs ready to join a family and become superdogs!

Rescue dog to circus star?

Over the years, more dogs were then rescued from various shelters and unsavory homes, which Jorge trained according to their natural abilities and individual talents, and in 2009, the Pompeyo Family and their Amazing Rescue Dogs began their career.