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7808 41st Ave E Bradenton, FL 34211

Dog Obedience Training

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Professional & Positive Dog Obedience Training

Make your Furry Friend Obedient with Our World-Class Pet Training!

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Training your pets to become obedient is a challenging and time-consuming task. You want to teach them with love and care, but it’s a test of your patience in most cases. We take the burden of training your canine companion off your shoulders.

Internationally Recognized Trainers

Training in a Loving & Caring Environment

At AAA Pet Resort, we offer comprehensive and robust dog obedience training by professional trainers. We ensure that your furry friend gets the attention it needs to train in a loving and caring environment without feeling overwhelmed. You want your pet to behave in the best way, and we help you accomplish this.

As an established pet care facility, we provide comprehensive dog obedience training, which uses proven and positive methodologies to help your pet achieve the training goals.

Comprehensive Customizable Dog Obedience Training

You have a busy schedule which may not give you enough time to train your canine friend. We have you covered.
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What We Offer

We offer a customized dog obedience training program that we design according to the age and needs of your pet. Whether your little puppy needs some manners training or you need help with resolving challenging behaviors, we are here to provide professional assistance.

When training pet dogs, you need to create a structured environment to deliver consistent and consecutive lessons in short intervals. At AAA Pet Resort, our training lessons integrate all these aspects of obedience training.

Your pet does not only enjoy and have fun at our pet resort but also gets customized one-on-one training with our professional trainers each day. You can do your work or run errands while having peace of mind that your canine friend is learning and having fun in a caring and secure environment.

Homelike comfortable and nurturing environment
Basic skills learning and enforcement
Guidance and take-home resources
Scientific pet behaviors based study program
Special packages
Private obedience training
Daily learning and play sessions with a professional dog trainer in a group or one-on-one
Multiple lessons based on the individual needs, challenges, and goals of pet training
Customized lessons based on the unique needs of your pet
Rest periods during the lessons in our refreshing environment
Demonstration of the newly acquired skills of your pet and how you can maintain them in the long-run
Why AAA Pet Resort Is the Best

Benefits of Our Dog Obedience Training Programs

At AAA Pet Resort, we design our dog obedience training programs to fit the precise needs of your canine friend. There are several benefits of our plans for you and your pet.

Multiple Trained Training Professionals
When you trust us for the training of your furry friend, we ensure to meet your expectations. We have professionals and experts to train your pet. They work together as a team to train the different aspects of your pet’s behavior. In this manner, your pet friend learns to respond quickly to the trainer and you and your family.
Repetition with Consistency
Just like humans’ learning patterns, pets also learn better through repetition and consistency. We have developed our obedience training programs in accordance with this capability of pets. This is especially effective when your pets stay with us or frequently visit our resort.
Better Focus with Playtime
Your pets are likely to get bored or lose their focus if we don’t give them a break during learning. Therefore, we structure our dog obedience training to include playtime before, during, and after training. With this practice, their focus and concentration improve while they absorb taught skills more readily.
Get Better Training Outcomes
Our consistent and focused training gives you much better overall outcomes quickly and efficiently. This also makes obedience training convenient for you as a pet parent. You only need to bring your pet to our resort and leave the rest to us. Even if you plan to go on a holiday, you can leave your pup to us to acquire obedience skills that your pet shows off when you return. If you have a busy schedule, drop off your furry friend at our resort and it gets all the attention it needs to act obediently and nicely.
Posh, Inviting, and Luxurious Surroundings
We are confident that you will feel great about leaving your pet with us for the training. In addition to providing love and care, we have a posh, inviting and luxurious surrounding with all the amenities that can make your four-legged friend delighted and comfortable. We maintain a state-of-the-art pet facility that offers the warmth and comfort of a home away from home.
Orientation Session
Once we complete the pet training session, we give you a private orientation session. We get you through the training and handling techniques. This enables you to know your dog’s capabilities and how you can maintain your pet’s behavior at its acquired training level. Although we deliver quality and high-end training to your dog, once training ends, the maintenance of your pet’s learned behaviors is your responsibility. We guide you on how to maintain and manage the learned behaviors with minimal effort.
Trained Professionals
Better Outcomes
Luxurious Surroundings
Increased Focus
Orientation Session
Meet Natalya and Jorge Pompeyo

Nationally Recognized Trainers, they have rescued, trained and performed with there pups for more than 10 years! In 2017, the Pompeyo’s competed on Americas Got Talent with their rescue dogs and went all the way to the semifinals! They now have opened their doors and hearts to not only care for, but to also train your pets.

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