7808 41st Ave E Bradenton, FL 34211
7808 41st Ave E Bradenton, FL 34211
Trusted, family-owned local dog boarding.

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Loving and professional care from an experienced team who’ll treat your pets like family.

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We provide the Love, Training, and Care your pet deserves

AAA Pet Resort is a premium family-owned business that provides a superior level of Care, Protection and Training to pet dogs. You can rely on us in any pet emergency because we are always ready to rescue your dog.

Overnight Dog Boarding
Overnight Dog Boarding

With our overnight pet boarding, personalize every minute of your pet's stay with us.

Pet Grooming
Pet Grooming

We have trained professional groomers who know how to groom your pets best and give them spa experience.

Dog Obedience Training
Dog Obedience Training

We provide both individualized and group training classes for your pets. We make dog training fun!

Veterinary Services
Veterinary Services

From our established overnight dog care boarding, emergency and veterinary services are a few minutes away.

Day Care
Day Care

If you have a crazy schedule that does not let you give your furry friend quality playtime, let us help you.

Trusted & Family-owned

A Family Owned Business Rescuing and Protecting Dogs

As an established pet overnight boarding facility, we give you and your pet access to Premium Care that keeps your furry family member Happy and Healthy. Our full-day resort-style camp, professional grooming, overnight boarding, and stress-free emergency veterinary care make your pet feel at home under our roof.

Pompeyo Family Dogs

Featured on Americas’s Got Talent!

Dancing on hind legs, jumping rope, climbing and jumping off a ladder…These are just some of the unbelievable tricks “The Pompeyo Family Dogs” performed on the show, truly showcasing their amazing training skills. Reaching the semi-finals, the show gave them the opportunity to reach international recognition, allowing them to use this experience to offer one-of-a-kind experiences for you pet.

The Pompeyo Family

The Pompeyo Family are made up of husband and wife duo Jorge and Natalya, their daughter Katerina, and their dogs.

Heidi Klum and Katerina

During their feature in America’s Got Talent, all the judges, including Heidi Klum voted to advance the group to the semifinals.

Simon was an enormous fan!

The family from Sarasota continually wowed Simon Cowell in multiple rounds with well-trained dog tricks and stunts.

Giving Care, Love, and Training They Deserve

Through our expertise, we provide personalized care to each dog at our dog boarding facility, which is similar to what we provide to our family members. It is because we understand that just like humans, your canine friend deserves compassion and attention.

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We have the staff, knowledge, experience, and equipment at a state-of-the-art local dog boarding facility in Florida to deliver an exceptional experience for you and your pet. Entrusting your pet to us means you can enjoy peace of mind on your trip when you are away.

Our trained, friendly, and experienced pet care experts are passionate about pet care and truly dedicated to providing a high level of quality care to your best friend, i.e., your dog. We know that each pet has its own personality traits and preferences. We spend time learning about your pet and you so that we can provide the right mix of services that satisfy both.

We aim to provide the best possible level of love, care, and training to the pet dogs when they are away from their owners, giving security and peace of mind. We work for the overall well-being of your pets. Plus, we ensure to provide pets with a fun, comfortable, safe, and nurturing environment combined with a personalized experience. Our dedicated and expert staff helps us accomplish our aim through our outstanding and value-added services.

At AAA Pet Resort, we uphold the values of flexibility, reliability, honesty, compassion, personalization, and trustworthiness, combined with a client-centric approach and positive attitude. Thus, we face all challenges and situations with a positive outlook.

We work as a team empowering each other to achieve our short and long-term goals and the satisfaction of our clients. Moreover, we support and enrich communities by creating inclusive and diverse environments for your pets, our clients, and our team.

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What our clients said about us

We are genuinely committed to serving your pets, and our client satisfaction rate speaks for itself. Our team ensures to take care of every requirement from the very beginning and leaves no room for the care and comfort of your pets.

We can't wait to meet you and your pet!

Why Choose Us for Your Pet Care?

Whether you need to leave your dog overnight or for a day or a few, we treat them as our family. This is because we truly love these sincere furry friends of humans who stand with you no matter what. Our all-inclusive overnight dog care facility is the top-notch choice for pet care, overnight boarding, and more.

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A Family Owned Business Rescuing and Protecting Dogs

A professional team of experienced dog caregivers, providing a loving and rewarding experience here at our Resort.

A Family Owned and Operated Local Dog Boarding
Our facility is a family-owned and operated overnight dog boarding.
Trained, Professional, Friendly, and Experienced Staff
AT AAA Pet Resort, we have vetted staff members who are trained, friendly, professional, and experienced.
Stress-Free and Fun Environment
We are like a doggy hotel near you where your pets get all the facilities you can expect from a five-star resort.
24/7 Security
We provide 24/7 security at our local dog, boarding Florida.
Outdoor and Open Areas
At our overnight dog care facility, we have large outdoor and open areas where your pet can move about freely while our team supervises their activities.
Complete Peace of Mind
By leaving your pet at our dog boarding Florida, you can have complete peace of mind that your furry friend is in good hands.
Fully Equipped Pet Overnight Boarding
Our overnight doggy hotel near you is fully equipped with the latest equipment to keep your dogs relaxed and comfortable during their stay.
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Your pets deserve that special treatment that you deserve from your family members and friends.